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Health & welfare administration


Health & welfare administration

Milliman's health and welfare administration consultants partner with clients to implement and manage a benefits administration solution that meets their unique vision and culture. We streamline complex administration requirements and understand each detail in managing benefit administration.

Milliman reduces plan and administration costs by:

  • Applying client specific business rules to benefit administration
  • Moving the health and welfare enrollment to a hosted, web-based environment
  • Providing a web portal for benefit elections and employee self-service for life event changes
  • Enforcing dependent eligibility rules to ensure only eligible spouses, domestic partners, and children are enrolled in the plan
  • Synchronising benefits administration with payroll to provide timely, accurate benefit plan enrollments and deductions
  • Eliminating redundant administration processes and ensuring the remaining processes are managed consistently
  • Utilising efficient database and web processing to reduce data redundancy and to speed up setup and processing time

Milliman adds value by:

  • Decreasing the time HR professionals spend on administration, which allows more time for strategic initiatives
  • Providing employees 24/7 online access to their benefit information, giving employees more flexibility in enrollment and allowing employees quick access to benefit plan information
  • Empowering employees to manage their elections and verify their accuracy online or on their phone or tablet
  • Assisting employees with eligibility and enrollment questions

Our services apply to both active employee and retiree populations.


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We’re here to help you break through complex challenges and achieve next-level success.

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We’re here to help you break through complex challenges and achieve next-level success.
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